Nig Nig Nig

Synth and Drums

Nig Nig Nig

Christian Jayme and Stefano Franzin begin their artistic career in the early '90s with a memorable debut playing before Psychic Warriors Of Gaia' set: it was the baptism of fire of the duo that will evolve shortly thereafter with the new name of Nig Nig Nig (from Latin Nigro Nigrum Nigrorum - "the black blacker than black").

hrough the rave scene are identified as a techno band liveakt: as Micotek for Xfoetidopurus publish a 12 "hard techno in collaboration with Ultrasuoni records. The sound through the years slows into plasma rhythms and minimalist atmospheres, and the results are the collaboration with artists such as Nicus Lucà and Alessandro Tannoya. Christian Jayme has dedicated years in artistic events and soundtracks consolidating his style refined as a DJ where warm and sensual deep sounds appear to be appreciated successfully, While Stefano Franzin has just released a solo CD of experimental music called "Barda Brut".


  • Stefano: Ableton Live, Spectrasonics Atmosphere
  • Christian: Korg Electribe