Tacuma is an orchestra made up of electronic musicians. Tacuma comes from a slang expression (Piedmont region - North West of Italy) which means "attack", we disclaim "start to play".

Tacuma Orchestra is a unique project of its kind, reinventing the canons of the electronic musician (that usually works alone) to create an alchemy of sound synthesis between past and present music for dancing and listening. In its form recalls the concepts of the jam session, of the djing and of the classical orchestration. During the performance, talent and creativity of the individual musicians are staged in a different light, that of sharing because everyone plays their machinery and tools following the directions of the Director. On stage, the musicians are arranged in a semicircle in front of the Director who gives the movements and modulates the sound produced by the audio mixer. The Direction has been curated in the first two years by the dj and producer, Roger Rama; from 2013 it's started a shared direction that is currently curated by Marco Schiavone.

Tacuma Orchestra Elettronica’s members are: Fabio Battistetti (sound design), Francesco Lurgo (guitar and synthesizer), Toni Guga (bass), Christian Jayme (drum machine), Stefano Franzin (synthesizer), Andrea Di Maggio (synthesizer), Andrea Reali (noiser), Francesco Mulassano (guitar & synthesizer) and Marco Schiavone (director & drum machine).

The musicians come from different experiences from the world of clubbing and from the electronic music, they meet on the same stage beyond their own background and style.

It’s an opportunity to witness "the making of" the music that is the soundtrack to your night, your entertainment and your dreams !

The orchestra took shape in 2010 from an idea of Fabio Battistetti and Fabio Picolato within an event at Cafe Liber in Torino, in which began to take shape the combo of musicians who now are part of the orchestra. In 2011, the orchestra takes its final shape with two performances at Cafe Liber and then at the Traffic Festival. In 2012 started a research in the studio, and then the orchestra resumed the activity of the live performances.