Tacuma Nen: FleUR

Tacuma Nen Showcase

Tacuma Nen: FleUR

Tacuma Nen: 19th April. Guest: FleUR

A showcase event of live electronic music curated by Fabio Battistetti.


Eniac, dj set from 8 pm

FleUR, live set from 10.30 pm, presenting their first EP Supernova, Urgent Star.

...and Tacuma's Record Store Day celebration !

Expositions of the records made by Tacuma's musicians from their past & today activities.


Tana Libera Tutti

Via Fiochetto 24, Torino, Italy.

Tacuma Nen is an off event in which the musicians of Tacuma Electronic Orchestra play with their solo project, showing their distinctiveness and their specific imaginary sound. It's a monthly event and on the thirs session, we host Yellows.

FleUR  is a young duo (Francesco Lurgo & Enrico Dutto) influenced from uk & german cold electronic, generating intensive beats and melodies. They preset their first EP: Supernova, Urgent Star.